Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Kamp Begins (Without Will)

I arrived in Kampala last night. Unfortunately, Will was not with me. His flight to Dallas was canceled Friday morning causing him to miss our flight to Amsterdam. Ironically, the flight to Amsterdam was also delayed by the Dallas weather. If it had left any later than it did, I would have missed the flight to Entebbe. I am looking forward to Will's arrival on Tuesday. It was sad to go to sleep last night without anyone to talk to. 

In terms of flying over, there is not much to write about; however here are a few comments: 
  • As we took off, I noticed on the flight tracker that there is a town on the border of Kansas and Oklahoma called Liberal. I could not think of a more inappropriate  name for a town in this location. It made me chuckle. There is a book about Kansas being conservative (What's the Matter with Kansas I believe its called) and Oklahoma is the only state in the union in which every district voted Republican in 2012. 
  • Thanks to Wilson's (my roommate from this  year) suggestion, I began reading Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried. It is a terrific and powerful book. I recommend that you find a copy. 
  • The person sitting next to me on the airplane was very interesting. She was from Florence visiting her fiance who is working with the UN for a few weeks before the two of them return to their day job of helping refugees in Afghanistan. I wish there was less of a language gap because her story was so interesting.
Today has been relaxing and fun. Jeremy, who works with Empower African Children, picked me up at 12:30. We ran some errands (picked up a phone, some groceries) and went to the EAC house. The children are on school holiday until Tuesday. It was great to see them. There was a rush when I arrived. All the children gave me hugs and handshakes. It was a bit overwhelming and at the same time made me so happy. It was great to be reunited with everyone. I had a great conversation with Jengo who I had especially bonded with last year. There were some peas and rice, my favorite Ugandan food waiting for me. It was delicious! I look forward to going back tomorrow. 

I will update the blog with a better and more extensive description of my project , but I need to go write some emails before my laptop runs out of battery. There does not seem to be electricity today. I thought that electricity was necessary to have wireless Internet, but I guess i was wrong. I need Will - the engineer- here to explain things like that me. 

Go Mavs! 

- Feldman 


  1. Feldie, slightly wish you could of have stayed in the dam a couple of days so that i could catch a train to see you! --Steffie

  2. Mike, sounds like you're settling in with ease. Wish I could be there with you. I'm coming as fast as I can. Way to start of the blog strong. -- WILL