Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogging Under a Mosquito Net

Before I fall asleep (It’s 11:22 PM right now), I want to provide you with an overdue explanation of my project.

Over the next eight weeks, I will be creating a service learning/community service curriculum for Empower African Children. This is an idea that I became excited about last summer when I was creating outcome measurement tools for EAC with Nick Hall. In the last few days, I have had the opportunity to speak with EAC staff, which has allowed me to develop a  more focused approached to what I will be doing. 

The curriculum, as of today, will include four components. First, there will be a instruction about service. The goal of the portion of the curriculum is for the children to obtain an understanding of types of service, the purpose of service, and what effective service entails. Topics covered will include sustainability, service as skill/career development and review of different service pioneers from around the world to widen the children’s perspectives to think more globally. In addition, I plan on creating activities around films to be screened at the EAC home during school holidays. If you have any suggestions of films about service, please email me. 

The other components of the curriculum involve performing service. A major portion of my time in Kampala is going to be spent reaching out to different organizations and communities to create opportunities for EAC children to volunteer. I am also going  I am going to create resources for EAC children to be involved in group and individual service.  In addition, I am going to work on how EAC children can participate in service projects with US visitors coming to Kampala.  

I hope this provides you with a better understanding of what I am doing in Kampala. Tomorrow morning, I will write a detailed description of my day with Nicholas, my friend and one of EAC’s students. We had an amazing day, and he is now going to be assisting me with my project.  I will also write about some of the research that I have been doing. I am so excited about the potential of this project and look forward to sharing more with you. Make sure to check back. 

- Feldman 


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