Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Update

I don't have much time to use the Internet, but I wanted to quickly finish up what I said yesterday about Monopoly. 

Along with three EAC children, I participated in a game of Monopoly at the house yesterday. As I wrote yesterday, it was epic - almost 3 hours long. I am considering switching my summer project. As I will explain in more detail later, my project is to create a community service curriculum for EAC; however, I think that I should maybe consider creating a course about real estate. Marinisha (one of EAC's children), especially, showed a knack for the game. At first, I did not understand her strategy. She was not buying anything. Then, when it was just us two left and I landed on Park Place, which she had a hotel on, I understood. She outwitted me. It didn't matter how much property I had. Florence, who I wrote about on the blog last year, joined the game. It was great spending time with her. She is as mischievous and fun as ever. 

I am going in about an hour to pick up Will from the airport. I am excited for him to get here. Kampala is an amazing place, and I am excited to share it with him. Look for another and as I have promised in every posting so far, more detailed update tomorrow. 

- Feldman 

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