Monday, May 23, 2011

Staying Awake

Today, my main goal was to stay awake. So far, so good. I went to sleep around 10 last night; however, I think my inner schedule processed this as a nap. At 1:30, I woke up and could not get back to sleep. Maybe, it was nerves about the Maverick's game. In order to get adjusted to the time, I have had to force myself to stay awake all day despite my desire to jump in a bed. The final two sleepless weeks of school were excellent training for this task.

It also helped that today was full of reunions and fun. At the EAC office, I got to see all the people that I developed such a fondness for last summer. Rose greeted me with a great smile and big hug. It was great to see her. I jokingly exclaimed "My sugarcane!" Last year, when we were walking together during Martyr's Day, a taxi driver yelled out, "Look at that man protecting his wife," which led to this inside joke.

After a brief meeting with the EAC staff, I went to the EAC home to spend some time with the children. Some Highlights:

  • I had an excellent discussion with Brian - one of EAC's students. Last year, we bonded because he joined Nick and I when we rafted the Nile. We talked about the Spirit of Uganda tour, and I told him about Vanderbilt. During our conversation, I looked over at the game shelves and noticed that they had Balderdash. I had not seen this since 6th grade English class! I explained it to Brian. We didn't play a full out game, but it was fun to express my excitement. I have been searching for this game for a while.

  • With three of EAC's children, I participated in an epic game of monopoly . . .

Have to run out of the office. Come back for an completed updated tomorrow including a thank you to Jeremy . . .

- Feldman

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