Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates. This week has really been about wrapping up my project. It is crazy to think that I will be returning to Dallas on Tuesday night.

This week, I have been working on creating a second draft of my service curriculum. My main goal is to make my work more specific so that once I am gone it will be easier for EAC to implement my ideas.

I really do not have much to share that is as exciting as pictures from Zanzibar or Will's rafting trip so I thought I would just share some snippets from my day yesterday (want to make sure that there is an update waiting for my mom when she wakes up). For lunch, I went to Rose's home where her mom prepared my favorite dishes from when I went there for lunch last year. While the food was great, the company was even better. Rose's mother has an amazing spirit. She made me feel so welcome and at home. She shares the same love of life that Rose has. I am so happy that i was able to return to her home before I left.

I took a boda boda from the office to home yesterday. My usual boda driver came and picked me up. On the way, we saw a woman who had drove her car into the side of the rode. He immediately turned around so that we could help. He became very upset because a few other men were there and wanted payment for assisting the lady lift her car. You may remember from an earlier post that Agie had given a speech at a graduation event about how Ugandans expect something for performing random acts of kindness. It was very interesting to see this actually happen. i am proud that my boda driver realized the silliness of wanting money for simply helping someone out of a bind.

I will try to do at least one more update before departing Kampala on Tuesday.

- Feldman

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