Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rafting the Nile

This past Saturday I got the chance to head up to Jinja with a group of people Michael and I live with to go rafting on the Nile. Michael had done it last year and had said good things, so I had pretty high expectations going into it. The trip lived up to every one of them; it was amazing. I can't really explain in words the size or power of these rapids on the Nile River, but hopefully the pictures posted later on will give you some idea of what it was like. We had an awesome guide named Paulo, who I'm pretty sure got a whole lot of entertainment out of flipping the raft and watching us swim through the class 5+ rapids. He was quite the jokester, and whenever he wasn't fighting through the rapids he had a constant stream of corny jokes coming. For instance right after we had all clambered back in the raft after taking a swim through one of the last rapid, we hear Paulo, "What did zero say to eight?" No answer. "Nice belt!" His delivery was pretty priceless. Anyways, needless to say, I think we all had a great time on the river. If you're ever in Uganda., rafting in Jinja is an absolute must.

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