Monday, June 6, 2011

Uganda vs. Guinea-Bissau

On Saturday we went to a soccer game which was absolutely absurd. Uganda was playing Guinea Bissau and it was a qualifying game for the African Cup of Nations. I'm going to try to put some pictures of it up on the blog, but it was one of the more ridiculous sporting events I've witnessed. We had to leave several hours before the game because the traffic going to the game was standstill. All roads leading to the stadium were packed with cars and bodas and people walking. Everyone was screaming and blowing whistles and cheering. Once we finally got to the stadium the line to get in was probably half a mile long, so most people were just piling up at the front fighting to get through the gates. Once in the stadium every entrance into the stands was absolutely packed. I got separated from Michael and somehow managed to squeeze through the crowd and found a place to stand where I could see the field pretty well. The stadium was in constant uproar through the whole game, and the two times Uganda scored it was total mayhem. So many people were spraying water bottle everywhere, it looked like it was raining in the stadium. The stadium was probably supposed to seat about 40,000, but there were probably about 60,000 there squeezed in the stands. There was an article in the paper the next day about how many fake tickets were made and how overcrowded the game was. Anyways, it was really fun and quite an experience. Uganda ended up winning 2-0 which was exciting.

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